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Are you a webmaster, blogger, Magazine Editor or internet columnist? We will present a free serial number of PDFZilla to you if you write a review of PDFZilla on your own website, blog space, Magazine or column! Don't hesitate! Write immediately and get the FREE License now!

What are the requirements?

Our only requirements for you are:

(1) You must have a website, blog space, magazine or internet column so that you can put the review on your space.
(2) You can put the review on your index page or sub-page.
(3) The sub-page link including the review should be kept on your index page at least 2 month if you put the review on a sub-page.
(4) The review content should contain the link to PDFZilla website.
(5) The length of review content is no less than 400 words.
(6) Your website/blog must be indexed by Google.

When can I get the FREE License?

Once you posted the review of PDFZilla on your space, please send an email to support@PDFZilla.com including the review URL of your space. And you'll get the FREE License right away!

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