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(Reviewed by FindMySoft) Nowadays, the PDF document format is widely used for storing and distributing documents. That's because it has a small file size, it's extremely versatile, it can be viewed using numerous programs, and it cannot be modified by unauthorized people. But despite all these, the PDF format has some drawbacks. One of them is the difficulty to modify it. One can use the Adobe Acrobat application, which is the most popular program for creating and modifying PDF files. But still, the program has some minuses. It's expensive, needs a lot of system resources and it's difficult to master. A much better idea for editing PDF files would be to convert them into an editable format, like DOC, HTML or TXT.

This can be done using the PDFZilla software. The program is able to convert any PDF file or group of PDFs into DOC, HTML, TXT and so on. Thus, the document will be easy to edit using various applications. The installation process of PDFZilla is easy to complete and gets the program installed in matter of seconds. The software can run on virtually any version of the Windows operating system, including XP and Windows 7.

The interface of PDFZilla features some large graphical buttons, each one of them allowing a different conversion. Pushing any of these buttons will display a simple interface that allows the user to add one or more PDF files into the program's list. No matter what type of conversion is chosen, the program can play a sound reminder at the end of the conversion.

PDFZilla is compatible with virtually any kind of PDF file, no matter what version of Adobe Acrobat is used to create them.


It features a simple graphical interface that anyone can use. Besides that, it allows easily converting PDFs into DOC, HTML, SWF or image files, using some graphical buttons. Furthermore, the program allows adding more PDF files at once and converting them automatically, one by one. Moreover, a sound reminder can be played at the end of the conversion process.

PDFZilla is the ultimate converter for PDF files, allowing one to transform them into a variety of formats.

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