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Nowadays many files are sent and received, as well as kept in PDF format. However, those documents can rarely be edited in the original program, and even if they can, there aren't many options for it. And we often need to edit the textual content or to use the (whole or part of the) document as an image.

There are many PDF to Word converters you can use to convert PDF files. One of them is PDFZilla. It has been designed to help people accurately convert PDF files into a number of other formats such as DOC, HTML, TXT, JPG, GIF, and more. The steps are simple and quick.

In this text, you will be presented with the key features and merits of using this program for your conversion process.

What is PDFZilla?

PDFZilla is a PDF converter program. Their slogan is: 'A Monstrously Useful Converter You Will Not Want to Run from.' Hence the name.

The program is designed as a desktop application, so it cannot be used on the web directly but needs to be downloaded instead.

Also, it is not free. At the time when this article was written, the price was $29.95. When you buy the application from the PDFZilla website, you will get an email as an order confirmation. After several minutes, another email should arrive containing the registration info. If you don't get it, you need to contact the PDFZilla staff to see what went wrong.

There is a free trial version, but it converts only one-half of the original file.

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What Can I Do With PDFZilla?

What Are the System Requirements?

PDFZilla is designed for MS Windows OS, which means users of the following operating systems can download and use the application.

The required processor should be Pentium (or anything better), and the application recommends Pentium 4 or any newer version.

It can work with a RAM of 1 GB, though 2 GB is optimal.

You also need 100 MB on your hard disc for installing the application.

Which Formats Are Available for Conversion?

You can choose your desired output format from this list of 10 formats that PDFZilla supports:

How to Convert Documents With PDFZilla?

To convert PDF to Word/images/HTML files, the steps are simple once you have installed PDFZilla.

The reverse process, from image to PDF, is also simple to perform.


PDFZilla is a desktop application which you can use to convert PDF documents to SWF files/images/HTML files, or a Word document, all of which you can edit. There are 7 more file types you can covert your PDF file into. This PDF converter can also convert images to PDF format.

The use of this PDF to Word converter is simple and efficient with a high-quality final result. You can convert just several selected pages of one document or many PDF files at once. The program supports more than 20 languages. The trial version lets you taste the program by letting you convert 50% of the file.

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