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The PDF format has made life so much easier with its consistent layout across all devices. While it is indeed an all-around document format, copying text and sections from a PDF document is not hard, however, if you want to keep the original layout and formatting, that would still be a problem. Furthermore, you'll definitely need Adobe Acrobat installed on your PC to convert PDF to text. But its price is very expensive.

If you're having trouble with copying text from PDF files, then you should try a software utility called PDFZilla and you'll be able to achieve that feat.

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Why You Aren't Able To Copy Text From Some PDF Files?

When PDF files are created, the authors of the document are given an option to encrypt it. In other words, they put an extra layer of security on the document. This can be either to protect the information in the document or restrict others from printing it out.

Once encrypted, you won't be able to copy and paste text from a PDF document. Each time you attempt to print it out, you'll either get an error message flashing on your computer screen. If you export it to a Word document, you'll receive a blank document.

So simply put, not all text you find in a PDF is copyable. To get around this problem, you need a software tool that can decrypt the encrypted document for easy access.

PDFZilla can remove permissions from PDF documents automatically and convert them easily. It is a Windows compatible software product that allows you to convert from any protected PDF files to Word and text at the click of a button. You'd be able to copy the required text area and export it to MS Word, Notepad, etc.

Here's How to Copy Text from a PDF by Converting

1. Download the PDFZilla software from the official site.
2. Install it on your PC and run the program.
3. Add the desired PDF file from your computer.
4. Select the output format as Text/TXT.
5. Click on "Convert" button and you will get the converted text within a few seconds.

Besides letting you copy text from a PDF document, PDFZilla can also convert the entire document to MS Word, MS Excel, RTF, SWF, images, text, or Flash.

Why PDFZilla Is Better Than Online Conversion Tools

Online tools are easy to work with, but they are not privacy safe. When you use their service, they get access to your file's content without your consent. But with PDFZilla, everything happens inside your computer. So therefore, there's no chance of data leak.

Second, you maintain the same layout by converting PDF to MS Word. If you're copying and pasting the entire PDF document, then in most cases the layout gets compromised.

By using PDFZilla for converting PDF to MS Word, you can preserve the original format and layout and get an editable document in MS Word. With smaller than 30 MB in size, PDFZilla doesn't take up much space either. Thus, it is really handy for people who need to work with multiple formats of the same document.

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