How to Turn Documents into PDF Files

PDF is the standard format for sharing documents. You can password protect your PDF documents so that third parties cannot access features such as editing, commenting and printing. You may wish to share a file, but it is not in the PDF format, and you will have to convert it. Converting your document from Word, Excel or PowerPoint will not alter the information on the files. Converted PDF documents are exact replicas of the original documents. It would help if you understood how you could turn your documents to PDF files. There are various methods you can use to convert your documents to PDF files which include:

1. JPG to PDF Converter

2. Batch Word to PDF Converter

JPG to PDF Converter

This tool has the following features, which makes it your number one tool when you want to convert your JPG to PDF:

- Easy and quick conversion
All you need to do is drag and drop your JPG on the toolbox to start the conversion process. There are various settings available, meaning you can adjust the format of your output file.

- Protection of your files is guaranteed.
The JPG to PDF converter utilizes the PDF encryption meaning your documents will be safe throughout the transfer process. No third party can access your records.

- Compatible with any system
The JPG to PDF converter is compatible with all the operating systems, meaning you can use it on Windows and Mac both.

- Supports other formats
With this tool, you can convert different image formats apart from JPG to PDF, which include GIF, PNG, TIF and BMP.

- Combine multiple images
You can convert many images to PDF with the JPG to PDF converter. If you wish to combine many photos into one PDF file, you can easily do so with this tool.

How to turn your image documents into PDF files with the JPG to PDF converter

1. Choose and add your picture to this tool.

2. Resize your pictures and adjust the page size, orientation and margins as you would like them to be.

3. Click on 'Create PDF' to start the conversion process.

JPG Document to PDF

Batch Word to PDF Converter

This tool has the following key features:

- You can convert multiple documents to PDFs all at once.

- It is possible to merge converted PDFs to a single PDF.

- Besides converting Word documents to PDF, Batch Word to PDF converter can convert other formats, including Excel and PowerPoint (PPT) to PDF.

- It supports multiple languages.

- It has security options that allow you to password-protect your output PDF.

How to Turn Word, Excel, PPT Documents into PDF Files

1. Add or drag and drop the files that you want to convert to the toolbox. If you need to combine the PDF files to a single PDF document, you can do so by checking the option of merging converted PDFs.

2. Choose a folder where you can save your converted files.

3. Click on 'Start Now' to begin the conversion process.

Batch Word to PDF
Word to PDF Converter

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