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PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file type designed by Adobe System for document exchange and mostly used to represent bi-dimensional docs independent of software, hardware or operating system. PDF files can encompass text, fonts, images and even 2D vector graphics. This specific kind of document is used on a large scale, and it stands tall as one of the best-made file types.

Another great feature that this file type offers is the possibility of document encryption for improved security, and the type of security that Acrobat PDF provides consists of either a user password or an owner password. PDF files can either be secured as a whole or have only certain features locked, like the option to print, modify or copy. The not-so-nice part about these both types of encrypting for security reasons is that these passwords can be easily cracked by software designed precisely for that. Thus, the whole encrypting thing becomes kind of useless.

Every once in a while everybody needs a document in this exact same format, which is why it is highly used and very appreciated. And if you want to make some changes to a PDF document know that it is easier to do it if you convert it to DOC; however, you can also convert your PDF file into a Flash presentation that will surely impress the audience.

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PDFZilla can be downloaded for a 10 file conversion trial, after which you will be reminded that you have the opportunity to register the software for $29.95. Another limitation of the trial mode is that it only converts 50% of the document.

The first thing that makes for a pleasant surprise when you open the application is its very lovely main interface. The combination of colors that the developer used is pleasing to the eye and can satisfy even the pickiest users.

If you do not want to move back and forth between the conversion module and the pretty looking main window you can use the Output Format sub-menu to change your settings. And although this may lead some of you to believe that the main application window is more about a nice layout and less about usefulness, its nice appearance is not to be overlooked.

PDFZilla comes as a simple converter, from PDF files to MS Word, image, TXT, HTML or SWF files. The architecture of the application is user-friendly and easy to use, and all you have to do is just add the files, make a few adjustments and hit the Convert button.

A rather interesting option that this software has is the one that allows you to select exactly which pages to convert so as to best fit your desires and optimize your work, and which comes in handy especially for image formats: JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG or TIF.

Shockwave Flash, or SWF, is a type of file small enough to be displayed on the Web that can contain animations and various types of interactivity and functions, and this is a feature that makes PDFZilla the best candidate for showing animated graphics on the Web.

When it comes to converting PDF files into SWF files, things get a little complicated, but only a little. Besides the fact that you have to select the starting and ending page, you also have to decide if you want a Flash 6 Compression, and choose the value of the FPS and the presence of a play button.

This option enables you to create an almost perfect flash file so that you can impress anyone who might see your work, and it's a nice touch for those who want a nice document for an even nicer presentation. A very strong point for FileZilla is the fact that it can convert a regular PDF file into a spectacular flash presentation, with the possibility to choose the exact FPS necessary and the presence of the play button.

PDFZilla creates an output directory on the system drive but you can change this at any point, so you'll always know where your converted files go, offering you a better control over the program and over the files you convert.

Overall, this piece of software does its job, it's not very complicated, comes with precise instructions and it's easy to use for almost anybody who needs a PDF converter, helping them convert this type of file into all the other popular file types.

PDFZilla is a simple program that includes the major features that this kind of software must have, and it converts PDF files fast and easy without any complicated options that a user might not need.

All in all, PDFZilla is a simple and easy to use application that gets the job done. It doesn't take a genius to get it to work and that's the best thing about it. For a user who doesn't need a fancy and complicated file converting piece of software PDFZilla is perfect.

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