Export Adobe PDF Documents to Word, HTML, SWF and Other Formats Easily

A new computer utility converts Adobe PDF documents to DOC, RTF, TXT, HTML, images and Shockwave Flash SWF with maximum accuracy and minimum of fuss

May 8th, 2009 - PDFZilla.com today announces PDFZilla 1.1, a new converter for quick export of Adobe PDF documents to DOC, RTF, TXT, images and Shockwave Flash files. In just three mouse clicks, users can make a protected PDF document editable, or create a searchable HTML version of the document for a website.

The Adobe PDF format has become the de facto file format for information exchange in business organizations. The workflow in a typical office involves hundreds of electronic documents: contracts, orders, financial documents, archived copies of documents and other files. Sometimes an electronic document needs to be edited or its text must be copied to another document or printed but the "Copy" or "Print" option in the file is disabled. This is where PDFZilla can come in handy as it can export any PDF document to editable formats.

The true beauty of PDFZilla is its simplicity and ease of use. Running the program displays an easy-to-follow wizard that asks what format the user wants to export to: Word, Image, TXT, HTML, or SWF. To begin the conversion, the user needs to load what he wants to the program, choose the output folder and click a button labeled "Start Converting Now". That's pretty much it. Now PDFZilla goes to work. It'll export the file to a new format quickly and in excellent quality. When the conversion is over, the file can be loaded into the editing software like Microsoft Word in order to make changes or to copy text and reuse it in another document.

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With support for batch conversion, PDFZilla can process more than one PDF document at a time and will do so in the unattended mode while the user is away. One can add a folder with files through the "Add Folder" dialog or drag and drop files onto the program's window. This adds them to the batch queue. Then the steps are the same as with a single document - the user selects the output format, folder and starts the conversion.

The strength of PDFZilla lies in the variety of text and graphic formats it can convert to. The user can choose to convert to DOC, RTF, TXT, BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, HTML, and SWF.

Priced at only $29.95, PDFZilla is a great value for money as its price is much lower than the price of Adobe Acrobat that can be used to edit a PDF document.

PDFZilla 1.1 runs on Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/2003. For more information about the product, or to download its free trial, visit https://www.pdfzilla.com.

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