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Sometimes, the things we take for granted or consider to be effortless in their making require great efforts or need astonishingly complex processes for a simple outcome. What is important is to have the right tools for the job you want to carry out, because owning the resources is not sufficient in most cases. A simple example that will be backed up in the following lines is that of the widely spread PDF files. We find them everywhere, they are easy to access and read, but try making one of your own and you'll immediately find you lack the necessary means.

Depending on the type of data you want to work with, text, images or both, you'll need a specific software to execute the task. This is the moment when the search for the perfect utility begins and the dominating criteria are the ease of use, high quality in output and the lowest price possible (the ideal here is the tool you don't have to pay a dime for). Well, if you're after a program designed for fast conversions of the common text format files, there is a certain application that can fit your bill. Its name, Zilla TXT To PDF Converter, says much about what it is meant to do and there is only one addition that needs to be made here that concerns the price tag, which in this case says ''Free.''

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The installation, as well as the operation, is straightforward and you'll be soon in front of the main window that unveils the simple but not simplistic interface. It sports all the functions of the application with large buttons, so the access is quite at hand, but, obviously, the accent is on practicality rather than good looks here. At the bottom of the main window, however, you'll see a hyperlink that leads to another product of the developer and this, coupled with a pop-up screen at program shutdown that serves the same promotional purpose, is the only thing unrelated to the actual working process of this utility.

Loading the TXT files for the conversion to Portable Document Format can be done either by dragging and dropping the documents in the main tab of the software, or by using the dedicated commands. The latter will help you add the files one by one, but you can also select an entire folder for batch processing. In a similar manner, you'll be able to remove the unwanted items one at a time, or directly the entire list. You will find this kind of functionality more than welcome, if you want to work with a large number of files.

Once you've chosen all the documents that will undergo the transformation to PDF, you can start customizing the output settings and Zilla TXT To PDF Converter gives you some really useful options to configure. First off, there's the location where the resulting files will be stored and it can be a local folder or a network directory. Next, you can input the keywords you think are most representative of the document and will make the search easier when seeking that specific record. Also, you can inscribe your name in the ''Author'' field to claim ownership for your work.

With this utility, you can further personalize the Portable Document Format files you create from simple text documents by opting for a fixed page size that can be A3, A4 or A5. Likewise, you are given a generous choice in terms of fonts and their sizes, so you will be able to give the exact look you want to your PDFs. An interesting and somewhat unique parameter you have at your disposal for editing is the number of characters per line. It was designed in order to enable you to have total control over the right margin of the finished product.

With all the settings adjusted, right now it's time to hit the button that initiates the conversion process. You'll notice the short amount of time it takes for Zilla TXT To PDF Converter to work its magic and present you with the needed documents. Insofar as the use of system resources is concerned, things are looking pretty good, as the memory and processor usage are kept within very reasonable figures. It's also worth mentioning that, if you're pressing the F1 key looking for the help file, you won't find anything, but, in this case, I think it's OK because the application is so easy to use you should have no problems at all working with it.

The best thing about this utility is the simplicity in operation and the processing speed. Having all the functions in plain sight helps a lot any user and cuts the time spent in front of the PC. Also, the nice feature of controlling the number of characters displayed on each line of the output PDF is a plus that must be taken into consideration.

On the whole, Zilla TXT To PDF Converter puts up a decent performance and does very well the job it's supposed to do. The application may not look fancy, but its strength is proven somewhere else than in appearance. It is quick in use, with a decent set of functions, so you won't regret employing it, even if it is only for a single time, though it surely deserves more runs, as I hope you'll discover too once you give it a try.

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