PDF Compressor Server

PDF Compressor Server

Monitor network shared folders and instantly compress any PDF file that is added to them in LAN!

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Software Version: 2.0
Software License: Free + PRO
Size: 14 MB
OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10/Win11 or later (32/64 bit) & Windows Server

PDF Compressor Server Features

* Automatically monitor folders & compress PDF files in them instantly
* Support both scanned PDF and text PDF files
* Monitor multiple network shared folders in LAN
* Option to delete original PDF files or move to new location
* Search sub-folders of monitored folders
* Create same folder names in output folder
* Customize suffix of compressed output PDF file names
* Customize DPI and compressing quality ratio
* Pause and resume the monitoring process
* Option to customize the output folder location

PDF Compressor Server is a Windows application that can monitor one or more folders for newly added PDF files and compress them into smaller PDF files in LAN (Local Area Network). With PDF Compressor Server, users can monitor network shared folders and compress PDF files instantly when new files are added. They can also choose to delete the original files in the folders after compressing, or move them to a new location. The monitored folder can be shared in LAN, so that all users in the network can copy their PDFs to the shared folder for the PDF Compressor Server to process.

PDF Compressor Server also offers a wide range of options for users. It can search the sub-folders of the monitored folders, creating the same folder names in the output folder. It also allows users to customize the suffix of the compressed output PDF file names. Furthermore, users can change the DPI and compressing quality ratio to get different output file sizes. PDF Compressor Server supports both scanned PDF and text PDF types.

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How to Use PDF Compressor Server to Monitor Folders for New Added Files and Compress PDFs

PDF Compressor Server is an excellent Windows software program for compressing PDF files. It is easy to use and offers users in local networks a convenient way to reduce the file size of PDF documents. With its automatic monitoring, compression and customization features, PDF Compressor Server is the perfect tool for compressing PDF files quickly and easily. Please follow the steps below to let PDF Compressor Server monitor your folders and compress PDFs:

1. Add a Folder to Monitor

Click the "Add a Folder" button to select a folder to be monitored. You can repeat this step to add multiple folders to the monitor list.

Add a Folder

2. Choose a PDF Type

Choose a PDF type from the PDF Type Drop List.

Choose a PDF type

What is PDF Type?

Text PDF: Created by text files and you can select text in the PDF Reader.
Text PDF

Scanned PDF: Made by Images/scanner and you cannot select text in the PDF Reader.
Scanned PDF

3. Set Compressing Options

Save To
You can set the output path of compressed PDFs.

After Compressing
You can choose the program action for the original files in monitored folders after compressing: move them to another folder or delete them.

DPI is a measure of the number of dots of ink or toner per inch that a printer or scanner can place on a page. DPI affects the resolution of the scanned PDF files, meaning that the higher the DPI, the better the resolution and quality of the document, but higher DPI also results in larger file sizes.

You can customize the suffix of compressed PDF filenames. The default suffix is "_compressed". If a PDF file named "a.pdf" in the monitored folder, the compressed file would be "a_compressed.pdf". You can change the suffix according to your own needs.

Create Folders
If the monitored folder has sub-folders, you can choose to let the program create same sub-folders in the output folder, or save compressed PDF files all together in a same location.

Compress Quality
You can drag and move the slider to change the compress quality. The lower value will get lower quality, but also get smaller file sizes.

You can click the Default button to set all options back to default values.

4. Start

Click on the Start button to let PDF Compressor Server start monitoring all added folders. It will compress PDFs immediately once the files are added into the folders. You can share the folders in LAN to make other network users discover them.

Start Monitoring PDFs

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